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I'm a NSFW artist, specialized in cum fetish drawing.



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MayooArt's News

Posted by MayooArt - June 26th, 2021


Mayoo Gumroad


Some of you have informed me that Paypal is not available to buy products on my shop. It turns out that Paypal's policy had changed with Gumroad since October 2020. I didn't know about this, and a lot of you got stuck with the free products.

To apologize for this situation, I would like to offer you a 15% promotion for the next week on the whole shop.

Normally 30% is offered to regulars, if you buy a product you will be informed of the next exclusive promotion.

  • Promo code: Paypal

Available only until 04/07/21 to receive 15% discount

If you already buy something in my shop you still have a 30% promo code in your mailbox.

Thank you again for your loyalty, if I continue it's thanks to you and I hope to continue to progress more and more by offering you unique images.



Posted by MayooArt - June 11th, 2021


Discover the volume 4 of BLAST! : Zelda

If you dreamed of the characters from the serie Zelda covered by sperm your dream is now real!

This pack is made by a fan for the fans !

This pack include :

6 Unique illustrations made for Blast Vol.4 (5k 300DPI Clean/Messy versions)

5H30 of video content (full process of 6 illustrations)

5 Extra Sketches

29 Work in progress step image

The characters included in this pack :

Princess Zelda / Urbosa / Paya / Mipha / Linkle / Midna

Patreon - Twitter - Hentai Foundry - NewGrounds



Posted by MayooArt - April 8th, 2021


BLAST VOL.3 : Pokemon is out !

Discover the volume 3 of BLAST! : Pokemon

If you dreamed of the characters from the serie Pokemon covered by sperm your dream is now real!

This pack is made by a fan for the fans !

This pack include :

6 Unique illustrations made for Blast Vol.3 (5k 300DPI Clean/Messy versions)

4H30 of video content (full process of 5 illustrations)

15 Illustrations I did about Pokemon in the past years (Full HD)

23 Extra Sketches including different characters like Iris, Dawn or Selene

31 Work in progress step image

The characters included in this pack :

Cynthia / Hilda / Jessie / Marnie / Officer Jenny (Group) / Nurse Joy (Group)

Patreon - Twitter - Hentai Foundry - NewGrounds



Posted by MayooArt - January 3rd, 2021


Hi everyone ! I hope you spend a nice moment with your familly and friends for the new year :)

On my side I decided to take a good resolution and invest more time in the NSFW Art. To bring more regularity and quality in my content I'll need your support to justify to my wife, why I spend so much time drawing NSFW ! ;)

Take and eye to the differents tiers I propose.

The first poll is to determine what will be the next serie of Blast! so.. it's important. Here's the challengers :




Posted by MayooArt - December 23rd, 2020


Sale on Gumroad

Until the 01/01/21 you can purchase all my content on Gumroad for 50% OFF !

If you like my work and support it, make you a small gift for Christmas. ;)

Use the code : xmayoo

You'll find :

Blast vol 1 : The last Airbender

Your favorite characters of Avatar covered by cum

How to draw Cum :

1 hour tutorial and brushpack for NSFW artists

Kingdom Hard :

The hidden story of Kingdom Hearts

First year of porn :

450+ pictures from my first year of NSFW journey. illustrations in full resolutions + tons of unpublished sketches



Posted by MayooArt - November 10th, 2020


Get the tutorial here

Are you struggling to draw convincing cum or just want to save quality and time?

With this package you will learn my method for drawing cum with confidence, It has never been so easy 😁

You will have 1 hour of video commented with all the steps to achieve a convincing result very quickly. You'll also find my personnal cum brushes and as well as my layer parameters.

For who is this tutorial ? :

• The NSFW Artist Amateur and Pro

• Artists who want to reduce the production time (time=money)

• The supporters who are curious to know how the magic happen

This pack include :

• 1 Hour video commented (+47min bonus with extra refine)

• My Cum Brush Pack for Photoshop

• A serie of tips in pictures

• 1 PSD with my layer setup (to grab into your illustration)

• 1 PSD with the original Cum shapes (if you want to make your own brush in other software)

• 1 PSD full resolution with all layers of the illustration



Posted by MayooArt - October 31st, 2020


Yoo everyone !

I'm excited to let you know that my new NSFW Artwork Pack has just been released!

It's a new project that I'm very proud of, after almost 2 years since the release of Kingdom Hard.

I present to you: Blast! Vol.1 : The last Airbender

A collection of NSFW images of your favorite characters covered in sperm, seeing women covered has never been so pleasant!

This pack include :

• 30 Full-Res images (2480x3508 300DPI)

7 Unique illustrations (Clean/Messy versions)

6 Process videos

5 clean unused sketches

• Process sketches/lineart

The characters included in this pack :

Katara / Toph / Suki / Yue / Azula / Mai / Ty Lee

You can buy it today here : https://gumroad.com/l/blast1



Posted by MayooArt - September 29th, 2020


Yoo everyone !

After almost 2 years since the first release I decided to share with you the illustrations I did for Kingdom Hard !

I hope you'll enjoy my work !

If you like what I do and want to help me, you can still buy the full pack with the variations, videos process and sketches 55 images for only 5$ :




Posted by MayooArt - March 25th, 2019


Kingdom Hard is now available !

Discover the new adventures of Sora and his friends in this news episode of Kingdom Hearts.

You'll enjoy the sexual exploration of our hero with Kairi, Namine and Aqua. As you know, he is nice so he will also bring his best lewd friend Riku.

If it's was not enough, you'll also discover what happen in Twilight Town in the old manor between Olette, Hayner and Pence.

That's a lot of things, but it's not finished !

You'll also see a part of the process for each illustration and an acces to the PSD and the unused sketches of this project.

This pack include :

  • 55 pictures (illustration + Messy/Clean version + bonus)
  • 10 Unique illustrations
  • 10 WIP videos
  •  7 unused sketchs



Posted by MayooArt - March 20th, 2019


Made by a fan for the fans

10 unique illustrations and over 50 pictures with messy/clean version, sketchs and videos

II've been hyped by Kingdom Hearts 3, this licence is one of my favorite since I'm a young boy and to close this adventure I wanted to dedicate my first huge NSFW work on it.

So be ready, the 25.03.06 I'll release this here on Gumroad

You already can download for free the first picture and see an overview before everyone by downloading the free sample.